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We find that when most people talk about "American Idol," they always start with something like: "Well, I don't watch 'American Idol,' but [insert knowing sarcastic remark about 'American Idol' here]." Considering the show's ratings rival that of God's, we assume most people are liars. We'll confess to watching a couple episodes, enough to know who everyone is but not enough to understand what exactly is going on.

But every time we've seen the show, we've struggled to put our finger on just why that prematurely gray Taylor Hicks seems so famiiar to us. Did we go to high school with a guy like that? Did we see him sing in a bar band once?


Fortunately, Sugar, Mr. Poon? has the answer: He is obviously the son of Mavs owner Mark Cuban and ESPN Bonds follower Pedro Gomez. It's kind of freaky, actually.

Math Is Fun! [Sugar, Mr. Poon?]