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For those of you who are desperately for a ticket to the ESPYs but unable to talk Kornheiser into scalping you one of his, take heart: ESPN has announced their Home Videos Contest, which will allow you to submit your "emotional or spectacular videos" to be shown on SportsCenter. Actually, the best videos will have the opportunity to win an ESPY. So there's that.

The contest has some rather restrictive rules, however:

• Videos can't be longer than two minutes.
• They must capture a "natural" moment and not be staged.
• They have to have happened in the last four months.
• They must have been shot on VHS.


It's this last one that confuses the guys at Gelf: "In limiting submissions to VHS tapes, you're effectively keeping out everyone except your grandpa demographic. Who the hell still owns a camcorder that can record on tapes? Even Wal-Mart stopped selling VHS last year."

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