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We're not sure this directly relates to sports, but it's close enough for government work: We proudly introduce you to the Christian Wrestling Federation. (Thanks to this probably isn't worth your time for the heads up.)

What's the Christian Wrestling Federation? We'll let them tell you.

The Bible says we are to use unique and different ways to reach people for Christ. This is what the CWF is all about... reaching people in a unique way. With wrestlings' popularity at an all-time high, many people can be reached, and in turn, our goal is to convert them to Christ's love.

Looking around the site, the founders actually seem quite sincere and devoted to their unusual ministry; we're not going to sit here and mock them for it. Particularly, when they're not alone; also spreading the word through suplex are Ultimate Christian Wrestling and Wrestling For Jesus (the latter of which appears to be run out of people's backyards).


If they'd had something like this when we were a kid, we would have stayed awake in Sunday school more, even if it had been out of the paralyzing fear that the big man in the boa would kill us.

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