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Ah, Matt, Matt, Matt. What ever are we going to do with you? We know that life as a member of the Buzzsaw seems scary right now, that it feels like it's your last summer before you have to go back to boarding school .... but seriously, now.

Matt Leinart was snapped exiting Paris Hilton's Hollywood Hills house Wednesday morning with his jeans and shirt rolled up in his hand after partying with the heiress the night before.

As The Big Lead pointed out, this came the very same day that Leinart's ESPN "Draft Diary" blasted the media for caring about his private life. (Of course, it's not really Leinart writing; it's teenage "journalist" Graham Bensinger, continuing to "act like Morley Safer" — as Steve Rushin put it — by ghostwriting a star player's complaints about all this media attention.)


All that said, we feel Leinart's pain: A guy just wants to go out and have sex with Paris Hilton. Since when does she have anything to do with publicity? It's like a guy can't bang a media whore in private anymore.

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