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Photos to delight and amaze you, tripped over while perusing the blogosphere ...

• They couldn't wait for Mother's Day, so the enterprising folks at Technosailor have given us a sneak peek at one of those pink bats they're all talking about. Seems like more of a lavender to us. [Technosailor]


• Oh, this has to make Steelers fans really happy. Better than a Buffalo Sabres hat, we suppose. (The occasion was the Kentucky Derby, by the way). []

• Unfortunately, Barry Bonds' surgically repaired knee does not come equipped with brakes. And we kind of find it funny how the fans here seem more interested in the ball than in Barry. From Thursday's game with the Cubs. [SF Gate]

• Manu Ginobili has to keep reminding us how much weight he's lost. (The disembodied hand belongs to Reggie Evans). []