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We're not exactly sure what Barry Bonds' home run No. 714 will look like, but one thing is pretty certain. It won't be as much fun as Babe Ruth's No. 714. Ruth hit the final three home runs of his career on the same day — May 25, 1935, for the Boston Braves — one going into the upper deck and one over the roof at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. After the third one, Ruth headed to the opposing dugout and sat down, waving to his manager that he was done for the day. Now, that's style.

Ruth's granddaughter, Linda Tosetti, recently turned down an offer by the Giants to be a part of the celebration for Bonds' No. 714 and 715.

In my heart, it's hard for me. I like to do things in Babe's name. I just don't want his name mixed up in steroids. I would hate myself a million times if I shook Mr. Bonds' hand if he did do it. These guys are making adult decisions about their body. it's the kids who think they're bulletproof coming up in high school who don't have that luxury.

By the way, here's a fun little toy to play with: Fans On Bonds, which allows you to customize your own Barry Bonds protest signs. Always fun.


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