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Arizona State Reminds Fans: We Don't Trust You To Not Use Blackface, So Please Don't Paint Your Faces

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Arizona State football will hold its annual blackout game against Colorado this Saturday, so students and fans will dress in all black and throw off the opponent because a stadium full of fans wearing the same thing always rattles opponents who can’t handle color coordination. The university’s preemptively asking fans to not paint their faces, because it’s assuming that some Arizona State fans will paint their faces black to keep with the blackout theme, and that would be unwise.


Arizona State’s straightforward statement—it had a similar one last year—asked its fans not to even bother with face paint. Just stick to the clothes and stuff. From the school’s athletics site:

As an inclusive and forward-thinking university, it is important for us to foster an environment in which everyone feels safe and accepted. Therefore, we discourage the use of face paint at any event, whether the theme is black, maroon, gold or white, and ask our fans to show their Sun Devil Pride in other ways.

We look forward to working with all of Sun Devil Nation on continuing to show our support in ways that all of us can appreciate and embrace.


If Arizona State fans can successfully not use blackface this weekend, they should be allowed one color of face paint back next week. Use positive reinforcement.

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