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Rick Sutcliffe makes Harry Caray proud.
• First we brought you Chris Berman poetry, and then we introduced you to the T-shirt that will change your life.
• Rasslin' for Jesus.
• The view from the Churchill Downs infield.
• Lord, these guys are awesome.
• O.J. Simpson is keeping himself busy.
• The ladies love the Carl Everett.
• Hey, look, it's Geezerjock!
• Respect the naked man playing bongos.
The O'Rocker Factor.
• Willis McGahee could probably use help with his fumbling problem.
• Oh, if only Stuart Scott would hold his breath for that long.
Sports Illustrated's long-forgotten hot gay men issue.

All right. Fun week. Enjoy The Mighty MJD all weekend, and we'll see you all Monday. If you'll excuse us, we're going to go do our Rick Sutcliffe imitation for the next, oh, 36 hours.