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• "Shaq, how would Chewbacca defend you in the post?" Shaq answers, and Shaq does not disappoint. And Dan LeBatard really, really, likes to talk. [SporTech Matter]

• Detroit Bad Boys found a career retrospective video of Chauncey Billups (going all the way back to high school) on It might, however, make Celtics fans cry for what they gave away, and Raptors fans cry for the uniforms they used to wear. [Detroit Bad Boys]


• This seems like the sort of thing that may have been around the internet for a while, but I can't recall seeing it before. This Canadian fellow can dunk. []

• The NHL playoffs have been phenomenal. And yet... no one's watching them. Last week, the "Shoot Your Age Golf Challenge" got better ratings in the same time slot. Would the NHL be better off with old-time hockey? Like Eddie Shore? Toe Blake? []

• Ryan Seacrest appears to really like the Stanley Cup. Really, really like the Stanley Cup. To the point where he can't approach it without beeing sheepish and nervous.