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LeBron James racked up a triple double, and it seemed like all of it came within the last four minutes of the game, as the Cavs finally took a game from the Pistons, 86-77. The stretch run of this one resembled an old NBA Live videogame where you can just take one unstoppable player and dominate. He did it with passing, he did it with driving, he did it with outside shooting. Nike should really consider promoting this guy.

It sets up a crucial Game Four on Monday night, where the Cavs will either go down 3-1, or tie the series 2-2. It was nice of Brent Musberger to go out of his way at the end of the game to rain on the Cavs parade and say that Detroit is still definitively a better team. That just didn't seem nice.


By the way, is anyone else a little bit creeped out when ABC shows LeBron's mom? Anyone else's mom gets some airtime, and I think, "Aww, it's sweet that she comes to her son's games." When I see LeBron's mom, I wonder, "Hey, I wonder what grade she's in." She is both young and young-looking. Not to mention dangerous.

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