‚ÄĘ NBA Playoffs: Spurs 103, Mavericks 104. Writes a tipster, "...everytime they swing by Greg Poppovich in the background it looks like 'Cougar Row.' " Yeah, I noticed the same thing. But you know, I think there's always a lot of peroxide, push-up bras, and caked-on makeup following Gregg Popovich around. It's just how the man rolls.

‚ÄĘ NHL Playoffs: Sabres 3, Senators 2. From another tipster, "Did you ever play NHL 94 for the SNES? If you did, you know that you could score every single time by dipping behind the net, then crossing in front and scoring... which is exactly what happened in the Ottawa-Buffalo game." See, life imitates art.

‚ÄĘ Boxing: Ricky Hatton wins unanimous decision over Luis Collazo. No tipsters wrote in to describe this one. Which is a shame, because I've never heard of either of these guys, and I think we would have all enjoyed an all-tipster edition of "About Last Night."