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1:00 - 8:00 pm, Spike. Pros vs. Joes Marathon. Relive the most memorable moments from John Rocker's athletic career.
1:00, TBS: MLB. Washington Nationals @ Atlanta Braves. My fantasy team would really appreciate it if you went 0-4 today, Chipper Jones.
3:00, CBS: Golf. EDS Byron Nelson Championship, Final Round. Omar Uresti's just three strokes back. I've always felt that there were too few Omars in sports. Vizquel can't do it all himself.
3:00, NBC: Poker. National Heads-Up Poker Championship. If you want to see guys who make the golfers on CBS look like finely-tuned athletes, here you go. We're down to the quarterfinals. A handy bracket can be found here. LET'S GO, BARRY GREENSTEIN!
3:30, ABC. NBA Playoffs. Miami Heat @ New Jersey Nets. I think I'll call up Cliff Robinson and see if he wants to come over and watch the game with me.
4:00, ESPN2: LPGA Golf. Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill, Final Round. Looks like Karrie Webb's running away with it. Hey, let's all just start to hate Karrie Webb, for no reason at all. Why the hell is she wearing a robe here? And why am I looking at LPGA wallpaper?
8:00, TNT. NBA Playoffs. Phoenix Suns @ LA Clippers. It's been a great series thus far, and I'd like it to go 7 games, but I'm just so damn tired of looking at Chris Kaman's head.