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I just wanted to take a second and wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there who are moms, who have moms, or just try to pick up moms at youth soccer games. Take the time today to sit down with mom, watch the Nets/Heat game, point at Shaquille O'Neal, and remind mom how lucky she is that she got to give birth to you, and not Shaq.

And if you're running a little bit late on the gift front, well... here's a suggestion. You can either buy her the shirt, or buy her a leather ensemble and arrange for her to actually be picked up by Chris Berman.

And the moms aren't the only people who deserve some recognition today. Let's also pause briefly to acknowledge Shawn Kemp. He's got quite an ordeal to go through himself today. All those baby-mamas out there, scattered in NBA cities all across the nation... That's a lot of responsibility for one man. God speed, Shawn Kemp.

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