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And so it begins. Reports are popping up that the Knicks are considering buying out head coach Larry Brown's contract for something in the neighborhood of $40 million. That would mean that Larry Brown made somewhere between $40 million and $50 million to coach the Knicks for exactly one year. Somehow, it doesn't seem like that last sentence could possibly apply to any franchise in sports other than the Knicks.

I personally feel like it would be a huge mistake on the part of the Knicks. Just think how many shoot-first point guards that they could acquire for that $40 million. Not to mention the fact that Larry Brown has a pretty decent track record with reclamation projects, he had a roster that was laughably ill-suited for playing Larry Brown basketball, and, oh yeah, they'd be giving a guy $40 million for one year of work.

And if that's not enough, there are also reports that the next head coach would be... you guessed it. Isiah Thomas himself. Hey, why not. The personnel side of things is already a train wreck, let's let him wreck the coaching situation, too. After that, the Knicks should hire him to sell concessions, and just let him run through the aisles and throw hot coffee directly into the faces of all the fans.

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