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Magic Johnson is envisioning a plan where he, Michael Jordan, and Charles Barkley would combine to own and run an NBA franchise. I don't know how good that team would actually be, but I don't think there would be any question about which team's owners would be having the most fun in the luxury boxes.

Magic's role would be to run the business side of things, Michael would be completely in charge of basketball, and Barkley would "handle the sponsors and dealing with people." We know Magic can make money, and there's no doubt that Barkley could take a sponsor out and show them a good time. The only question would be MJ, and, well, you know... it's not like we can just forget that his stint with the Wizards happened.

Still, though, for an opposing player, to see Magic, MJ, and Charles strolling into your building, laughing, chatting, and smoking cigars, that might just scare the hell out of some younger players. And you know that Charles Oakley is going to be involved somehow. That intimidation by itself would be worth 10-20 wins a year for whatever hypothetical team they'd end up buying.

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