• I know what you're wondering: which NFL quarterback/running back tandems would make the best partners in a buddy cop movie? Here are the NFC East and NFC North. And yes, Clinton Portis and Mark Brunell are very strong contenders. [I Dislike Your Favorite Team]

• Landon Donovan... yeah, he's doing OK. [The Big Lead]

• Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer on clay. Again. That's 53 straight wins on clay for Nadal, and he's 5-1 lifetime against Federer. He's like the Anti-Andy Roddick. [ESPN.com]


• Top seven misconceptions about famous sporting events. Alex Rodriguez may not be as big of a choke artist as you'd like to believe. [JoeSportsfan.com]

• A breakdown from a guy who was able to witness the ZOOperstars live, and in person. You're not going to see Shark McGwire in a dance-off with a Norwich Navigators player anywhere else today. Oh, and Roger Clamens ate a child. [the life of h. ernest chen]

• Hey, we've got concrete World Cup predictions, predicting who will emerge from the group stages, and then, of course, the round of 16. I have a feeling we'll be seeing some more of these... [petebrush.com]


• I don't know what Ron Zook is doing in this photograph, but it kinda makes me like Ron Zook. [The Wizard of Odds]

• Remember that Liverpool/West Ham FA Cup game I mentioned yesterday, the one with the crazy Steven Gerrard goal to tie it up in the 90th minute? Here. I'm making you watch it.