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It's pretty clear at this point that the Suns should continue to only play teams from Los Angeles; this Suns-Clippers series is shaping up to be as entertaining as the Suns-Lakers series was.

The Clippers beat the Suns 114-107 last night to tie the series at a 2-2 and send it back to Phoenix for Game 5 on Tuesday. Watching last night's game, we felt compelled to remind Chicago Bulls fans that Jerry Krause traded Elton Brand — who certainly looked like the best player on the floor — for Tyson Chandler. (A reminder, just in case any Bulls fans don't hate themselves and their lives enough, that in 1999, Krause drafted Brand AND Ron Artest ... and then traded them for Chandler and Jalen Rose.)

Anyway, we've been enjoying this Clippers run more and more, no small thanks to Clipperblog, which has done such an excellent job of tracking this team that you almost want to forgive them for being such shameless sunny-day fans. (The fan site only launched in March.) And we'd like to second MJD's weekend notion: A world where Elgin Baylor is NBA executive of the year is a strange one, indeed.

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