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As we mentioned earlier, Randy Johnson hasn't been pitching well lately. But just to drive that point home, he's now in the record books for a feat that is unlikely to be broken soon; most hits given up with a pink bat. The Yankees played Oakland on Sunday, and of the eight hitters Johnson faced in the first inning, four were weilding pink bats. And those hitters were a combined 3-for-4. Mark Ellis led off with a pink-bat single, Mark Kotsay had a pink-bat home run and Jason Kendall had a pink-bat double. That goes down in your scorecard as PB2B. Poor Big Unit. He must be disoriented as hell.

We have to say that this is one thing that Bud Selig has managed to do right. More than 100 players participated over the weekend, with the bats to be auctioned off and the funds used for breast cancer research. Who would have thought that a pink bat would have provided the welcome respite we all needed from the steroid mess. In Cleveland, Kate Wedge, wife of manager Eric Wedge, threw out a ceremonial first pitch and was joined by Nina Wedge, Eric's mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. In Milwaukee, Bill Hall hit a walk-off homer with a pink bat. And teammate Prince Fielder not only used a pink bat, but wrote his wife's name on it. After hitting his home run, Hall announced that he would continue to use the pink bat. Imagine his surprise when he discovers they were only approved for one day.

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