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As that picture brings you back to the immortal "Does "More Than A Feeling" Really Have The Same Guitar Riff As "Smells Like Teen Spirit?" argument, we let you know that we are going back out on the road. (Book promotion never ends.) As soon as we finish up this here site today, we're heading Boston way. We're taking a bus three-quarters of the way there, and a kayak should take us the rest of the way.

Tomorrow night, we'll be in Newton at the Newtonville Books' Books And Brew Series, which basically consists of a reading and then down the street for booze and free snacks. Whole thing starts at 7:30.

Plus, afterwards, we'll surely be watching Curt Schilling's sanctimoniousness battle Bruce Chen's gayness on the big screen somewhere, so yeah, you know, come on by.

Books And Brew Series [Newtonville Books]