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If you're one of those cynical souls who doesn't take Rasheed Wallace's word as gospel, we should be in for quite an intriguing evening of basketball. In the first game, we get to find out if this will be a forgettable early chapter in LeBron James' playoff career or if becomes something unique, special and potentially mind-blowing. (We're betting on "forgettable.")

In the second game, Mark Cuban will attempt to keep his billion-dollar penis in his fancy pants as the Mavericks attempt to put one more nail in the Spurs burial device. (By the way, if Cuban and coach Avery Johnson ever got in a screaming fight, do you think it would sound like a record sped up too fast?)

It's two huge playoff games, Charles Barkley doing something out-RAGEOUS! and that goofy looking Cavaliers coach. What more could one want?

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