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As you know, we try very hard to stay apolitical over here; one of the joys of sports is that you can watch a game with someone with the exact opposite belief system of you, and as long as you're rooting for the same team, you're best friends.

So we're just going to let you know about this story because we think it's interesting and worthwhile and cross our fingers that it doesn't turn into some vitriolic debate. OK? Because, politics or anything else aside, we find it kind of impossible not to admire James Jordan, Michael's brother.

James just retired after 31 years in the military, which is one more than he was required to serve; he stayed on one extra year when his unit was deployed to Iraq. That year is over, and now he's coming home.

For a guy who ended up about a foot shorter than his brother, we think he's kind of more than proven his mettle. But hey: Insurgents buy shoes too.

OK. We're the son of an Air Force guy. That comes out sometimes.

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