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We'd suggest tuning in for the NBA on TNT tomorrow night: It's going to turn into a text messaging frenzy!

Kobe Bryant will appear as a guest analyst on Wednesday night's TNT playoff doubleheader, a public follow-up to his text-message battle with TNT analyst Charles Barkley. Bryant, who will provide in-studio analysis, was irritated when Barkley called him "very selfish" in the wake of the Lakers' 121-90 Game 7 loss to Phoenix in the first round of the playoffs.

We have several different scenarios here, ways this could play out. There's the Mamba Scenario, the ROTFL Scenario, the Refuse To Pass The Ball Back To Ernie Johnson Scenario and, most terrifyingly, the Charles Barkley As Marcellus Wallace In Aspen Scenario. We can all dream.

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