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Little known fact: Clippers center Chris Kaman is not, in fact, actually hurt: That lump on his shoulder is just a normal byproduct of reaching the 25th year of life on his home planet. It's kind of like a birthing pouch, actually; in nine months, a being resembling a cross between Nicko McBrain and Cliff Burton emerges. It's really something to see.

Anyway, Clippers Frenzy has clearly taken over our humble planet, and tonight they could send it into a full-scale epidemic were they able to beat the Suns in Phoenix. (Oh, apparently the Heat can eliminate the Nets tonight, if you're into that type of thing.)

We think it's impossible not to root for the Clippers, if just because these T-shirts could sneak into the subconscious. We like the idea of Sam Cassell being the next Jambi, truth be told.

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