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Report: José Reyes Arrested After Allegedly Shoving Wife Into Sliding Glass Door

Colorado Rockies shortstop José Reyes was arrested on Halloween for allegedly grabbing his wife by the throat and shoving her into a sliding glass door, according to TV station KHNL in Hawaii. The alleged assault took place at the Four Seasons Wailea, and Reyes was arrested after security called police, according to the station.


This summer Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association signed an agreement that fully governs the league’s rights and responsibilities when players are accused, but have not yet been convicted, of crimes like domestic violence. The commissioner can place players on administrative leave for a week before assessing discipline, which can then be appealed to an independent arbitrator. Players can also be suspended while charges are pending, though Opening Day isn’t for another five months.

Update (1:30 a.m.): The Rockies have put out a statement acknowledging the allegations against Reyes.


Correction: This post initially said that the alleged incident occurred at the Four Seasons Hualalai. The KNHL video above actually says it occurred at the Four Seasons Wailea, but my haole ears confused the two.

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