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Last night's Clippers-Suns game was so intense, so all-inclusive, that we were this close to just live blogging the thing ourselves. (J.E. Skeets did just fine, anyway.) The game ended at 2:18 ET time, which was seven hours ago; a guy who clocked in to work when this game ended still has an hour left to go.

ClipperBlog has has as detailed a breakdown of the two overtimes as any human could possibly hope for, considering the game just ended; we're guessing he's probably still asleep too, and his Tivo likely has little billows of smoke wafting off it.

As for the series itself, it seems pretty clear at this point that not only is this series aburdly evenly matched, but that we're not even sure its going to be over in seven games. We imagine it pushing into next week, with the Heat and Pistons/LeBrons already at Game Five by the time this one deigns to end. Heck, maybe by then, Amare will be able to play.

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