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Yesterday, we solicited your thoughts on the least intimidating team nicknames, and judging from the fact that it was our most commented post of all time, it's safe to say that you had some thoughts on the matter. Here are our favorites, though we're still not sure anything can beat our Fisher Bunnies submission.

The Montgomery Biscuits. (Pictured)
The Hickman High Kewpies.
The New Braunfels Unicorns.
The New York University Violets.
The Putnam County Midgets. (At this point, we remind you that "Midget" is considered a slur by many little people.)
The Lanier Purple Pups.
The Sidney Lanier Poets.
The Scottsdale Community College Flaming Artichokes.

Unfortunately, we do not yet boast the Atlanta A-Rods. Sorry.

Why Your Team Isn't Named The Cute Cuddly Animals [Deadspin]