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Well, for those of you who are just now waking up from that Clippers-Suns epic last night, there's no time to rest, people. Two more games tonight, with the Mavericks trying to finish off the defending champions and, most compellingly, LeBron James and the Cavaliers continuing their unlikely quest to topple the Pistons. The Cavs took a detour between Cleveland and Detroit, stopping to accompany teammate Larry Hughes to his brother's funeral.

We, as much as anyone, have been hesitant to fire ourselves up too much for this LeBron playoff run, but if somehow he and the crew were to sneak out a win in Auburn Hills tonight, well, we'll be pretty close to converted right there.

Plus, Kobe will be in the TNT studio. So, you know, should be fun. Might be worth watching. Plus, you won't have to stay up until 2:30 in the morning.


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