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Well. It's little wonder the The NBA Is Back! platitudes are being brought back out there. This is downright fun.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers somehow pulled another game out of someplace dark last night, and, amazingly, he has the Cavs within one win of upsetting the presumed champion Pistons. That we are even at this point defies any reasonable or cogent expectation. Everything anyone has said about LeBron James before now seems vaguely dumb.

As usual, we're gonna let Free Darko take it from here:

Speculation is useless because, for once, LeBron has exceeded expectations and thrown a low-blow to the logic he's meant to embody. This was not the plan; this was not the script he'd been handed, the Jordan-like humbling at the hands of an anti-heroic bunch of walking nettles. At this point, thinking that LeBron is capable of pulling off absolutely anything is not cynicism or the sign of a sucker — it's proof that you've really, truly been watching the games.

We're one game away from a LeBron-Wade Eastern conference finals ... but frankly, we're so stunned by last night we're not even ready to talk about that yet.


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