We'll admit, we do not quite understand this Sudoku business. It is not that we don't like math โ€” we do, in fact, like math; don't punch us, please โ€” but it seems strange that simply writing numbers in a box would become a fad. But a bar we went to the other night had a bouncer playing Sudoku, and when burly men named "Bear" are scribbling in a Sodoku book, we figure it's probably pretty ingrained.

ESPN, of course, has hopped on this trend, coming out with a Baseball Sudoku book. Apparently, you replace actual digits with the positions on a baseball team. Far be it from us to criticize anyone for trying to make a quick buck; we just like the idea of a bunch of ESPN Books executives in a room, trying to figure out if they should market a Sudoku book, or a "Joe Morgan For Dummies" selection. We imagine them having much fun with the pet rock.

Baseball Sudoku [ESPN]

Baseball Sudoku