Before we talk about last night's Clippers' win over the Suns, can we just say how disappointed we were that there wasn't a single incident of a grown man wounding the genitals of another grown man?

As the video above — which has Jason Terry sitting out tonight's Game 6 against the Spurs — shows, it has truly been the postseason of the nutpunch. Terry's shot to Michael Finley is pretty brutal, but as far as impact and inventiveness of technique, it's difficult to outshine Reggie Evans' patented grab-and-yank method.

Anyway, we get a Game 7 in the Suns-Clippers series, which, somewhat bewilderingly, isn't until next Monday night. (If the Cavaliers win tonight, the Eastern Conference Finals will be one game in already.) As far as we can tell, there should be no nad-related absences.

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