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Remember Danny Almonte, the dominant Little League World Series star from The Bronx from a few years who turned out to be two years older than the maximum age? Well โ€” at this should make anyone who remembers the Almonte business feel extremely old โ€” he just got married ... and she's 11 years older than he is.

From the New York Daily News:

[Almonte's new wife] said she's known Almonte since his infamous Little League days.

"He always used to tell me things and I was like, 'You're a minor . . . we'd get in trouble," the pretty, freckle-faced bride said with a smile from a couch in the Bronx apartment she shares with Almonte.

The time she's referring to, by the way, is when Almonte was 14 and she was 25, which would indeed count as "trouble." Careful, Danny: Your new wife's biological clock is ticking. Don't be surprised to see another Almonte Little Leaguer sooner than you think, friend. Hell, if you lie about his age, you can sneak him in a couple of years early.

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