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No. 1 email we've received over the last 48 hours: "Hey, asshead, still think LeBron's playoff debut is unremarkable?" (Answer: OK, maybe he's doing all right.)

Now that LeBron James and the Cavaliers have officially made the planet go a little bit off its axis, the question remains: Can they really pull this off? Vegas still doesn't think so, though we're desperate to hear what Rasheed Wallace thinks. Plus, Larry Hughes will be back, which should add an extra layer of drama to the proceedings.

Hard to imagine a better night of basketball than tonight: LeBron goes for the impossible at home, and then the Mavericks try to finally make it past the Spurs. We're actually kind of envious of The Mighty MJD for being able to write about all this tomorrow.

The real concern, of course: If the Cavs do end up winning, could someone drive LeBron's mom home? Please?


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