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Screw "About Last Night!" After a night of basketball like that, it can be demoted to the two-spot...

Both the Spurs and Pistons were able to cling to life and force Game Sevens with wins last night, giving us a 2-day period over Sunday and Monday that will have three Game Sevens. I'm as excited as Dirk Nowitzi backstage at a Hasselhoff concert.

Letting this one get away could prove to be a dark day in Mavs history, but at the same time, I admire Devin Harris's protest of Jason Terry's suspension, as he also refused to play. Harris finished with 7 points on 3-of-14 shooting. Michael Finley seemed to enjoy his evening, though, as he hit a couple of clutch threes, and once again, made Erick Dampier the subject of ridicule and scorn with a thunderous dunk in Dampier's increasingly unmasculine grill.

And in the East, LeBron's going to have to wait another day (or perhaps another year) before assuming complete control of the NBA. The LeBrons were unable to put away the Pistons last night, forcing a Game Seven back in Cleveland. Rasheed Wallace promises that the Palace atmosphere will be "bananas," a word that I feel is underused as an adjective.

It was a late-game offensive rebound parade that saved the one-seeds. The barrage came with board-pounding Anderson Varejao on the bench, and the Pistons hit a couple of shots that... well, shots that you wouldn't normally expect to go down very often. So, we're going to have to go a couple of days without a slew of articles explaining how LeBron James is capable of altering the time-space continuum to make all of our lives easier and better. But have patience. Monday is another day.


Detroit 84, Cleveland 82 [ESPN]
San Antonio 91, Dallas 86 [ESPN]
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