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I rarely do public service announcements here on Deadspin, but I felt that this one was important enough. Please fans, when you're leaving an Orioles game, have directions with you. If you get lost after leaving the stadium, you will soon find yourself in a jail cell, "sleeping on a concrete floor next to a toilet."

At least, that's what happened to these young Orioles fans. They enjoyed a lovely day at the ballpark, watched the O's hammer the Royals, and decided to make their way home. But they'd never been to Camden Yards before, and didn't how how to get to I-95 South. They ended up in the Cherry Hill section of Baltimore, they asked a police officer for directions, and were promptly incarcerated.

According to the couple, they spotted a female police officer and asked her how to get on I-95. She told them to pull over; as they'd just run a stop sign. The couple said "Fine, we'll pay it, but can we have directions?" And then... well, then they were arrested for trespassing and spent eight hours in the hoosegow. As if watching the Royals play wasn't punishment enough. And the guy pictured... well, he doesn't look like the sort of chap who would do well in prison.

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