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White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski plowed into Cubs catcher Michael Barrett at the plate, and Barrett felt that it was an inappropriate touch. He got up, wrapped Pierzynski up in a little hug so they could chat for a quick second, and then he popped him in the face. It was a short right cross that landed pretty clean.

Scott Podsednik came in and grabbed Barrett, some more players came in, and four people ended up getting ejected: Barrett, Pierzynski, Brian Anderson, and John Mabry, who also did some swinging. Taking a look at the picture, it doesn't look like Pierzynski saw the shot coming. That's hard to believe, given his background in the vicious world of professional wrestling.

And while we're on the subject, the folks at Rivalfish found these awesome charicatures of White Sox fans and Cubs fans at Leo Burnett. The White Sox fan carries a screwdriver to use to start his '82 Camaro, and the Cubs fan is waving to the person he's currently talking to via his cell phone earpiece.

Anyway, the Barrett punch is the sort of thing for which YouTube was made, and I suspect that someone will have it up there soon. If you can help, please don't hesitate... The White Sox currently lead 5-0 behind a Tadahito Iguchi grand slam.

And with many thanks to supperclub in the comments... we have video.


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