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Blackburn whacks their Dickov. Blackburn Rovers have released striker Paul Dickov after they couldn't come to terms on a new contract with him. I think the only reasonable thing that can happen here is for Dickov to sign with Peterhead.

Theirry Henry has a lot of love to give. Said Thierry Henry of his decision to stay with Arsenal for the rest of his career, "Of course money has contributed to a certain lifestyle for us and one day that will stop, but there's love, there's emotion, real emotion, real love." Wow. That guy really likes his team. It feels like there should be some sort of love song written about Henry and Arsenal. I think an 80s power ballad would work well.

Ukranian guy can't decide where to live with his hot wife. Andriy Shevchenko is set to make a decision soon on whether or not he'll return to AC Milan, or join Chelsea's empire of evil. Shevchenko, by the way, is married to the lady pictured to your right. Her name's Kristen Pazik, she's an American model, and you don't really have to search very hard on the internet to see her hooters.

Halifax 2-3 Hereford. I'm going to be honest with you, I don't even know what the hell league this was in. Judging from the second picture down in the news article, though, not a whole lot of people were too into it. It was a Conference play-off final somewhere, though, and Halifax is your proud winner.