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Yesterday, I noted how the Memorial Golf Tournament was cursed with rain every year because the course had been built over sacred Indian burial ground. It appears as if rain is no longer enough for angry Chief Leatherlips. He's stepping up the hatred.

Phil Mickelson went out to the course yesterday morning to finish his second round. And in the hole on #6, someone had done a #2. Someone took a squat on the sixth green, and took a dump directly into the cup. It is the most non-traditional hole-in-one I can imagine, and I'm glad it was discovered before Mickelson had a chance to roll in his putt.


In a way, it's admirable. Assuming that it was not, in fact, a pissed-off Indian spirit, then this is a very dedicated and creative act of vandalism/destruction/disgustingness. Someone really took their time with this. To quote a tipster named Sean who wrote in this morning, somewhere, Najeh Davenport is smiling.

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