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ESPN's headline alone is enough to send me into bemused laughter: "Bengals' Henry arrested for third time since December". I don't know why, but that's funny to me. Henry was doing 82 mph in a 65 mph zone, and then blew a .092 on the breathalyzer. Ohio's legal limit is .08. No report on whether or not he was wearing his own jersey at the time.

"Mr. Henry agreed to the test and he was polite, courteous and cooperative the entire time," Long said, citing the police report. "He was issued a traffic citation and he [eventually] left with a friend. There was no bail involved and he was issued a court date."

I guess that's progress. Chris is at least learning to handle his arrests with more dignity and class these days. He is now a veteran of the booking process, and it shows. The Bengals have to be pleased with his ability to learn on the fly. The other two arrests, in case you're curious were for possession of marijuana, and a felony gun charge. A pretrial hearing for that one is scheduled on August 8th.

Joe Theismann was unavailable for comment.

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