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Rafael Nadal would like to respectfully disagree with Kirk Cameron. Bananas aren't so damn perfect after all. They might not squirt all over your face, but they can get stuck in your throat during the French Open and embarrass you more than the capri pants you insist on wearing.

Nadal had a banana between games, and a piece got stuck in his throat. He inexplicably re-took the court with the banana still in his throat, and a couple of points later, rushed off the court, pointing at the troubled area. "I thought, I've got to stop because I don't want anything serious to happen. Never mind if I don't look good. (It was) not my fault."


You're right, it's not your fault. It's Kirk Cameron's fault for making bananas seem so goddamn perfect. That devious son of a bitch. And on a seperate note, Nadal is also blogging from the French Open at, putting in some long entries that actually kinda seem like he's writing them himself. Observe, from the June 1st entry:

I've been saying that I've been having breakfast but I haven't told you what I eat. Today I had a big bowl of cereal with milk and some bread and butter. To drink I had an orange juice and another orange juice.

If that's a ghostwriter, it's a bad one.

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