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Ballhawk Zack Hample Throws Fit Because Someone Else Wanted A Baseball

The Yankees staged a wild comeback last night, erasing a four-run ninth inning deficit and walking off on a Didi Gregorius home run to beat the Rangers 9-7. But also, who gives a shit about the Yankees? We’re here for the grown man getting snitty over a baseball.

Here’s Gregorius’s homer. (Watch it on mobile.) The man in the blue shirt wearing the glove is Zack Hample, who’s made a career out of collecting baseballs at games—more than 9,000, by his own count.


The ball bounced back onto the field, and Hample wasn’t happy:

You aren’t an outfielder. You can’t call off other fans. Hample has a generous definition of “body-slammed” here, especially because it looks like Hample bumped the child to his left just as hard as he was bumped by the fan to his right. (Hample has been accused of muscling kids out of the way before.)


And I don’t want to be the sort who harps on fundamentals here, but maybe Hample might’ve reeled it in if he weren’t holding his phone in his non-glove hand. But then how else would he film everything and get the attention he so desires?

Please enjoy this Twitter video for maximum rewindability:


H/t Scott

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