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We sent our best thoughts and wishes to former umpire Eric Gregg and his family after his massive stroke yesterday at his home in suburban Philadelphia. Always one of our favorite umpires, he lost his job after the ill-fated umpire walkout of 1999. Like anyone else who went to a Phillies home game in the last few years, we were served concessions at Chickie's and Pete's by Gregg, and he even talked to us for a while. He seemed very sad not to still be umpiring. He even had the good humor when we asked him if he ever ran across Don Denkinger in his former umpiring circles, and, if so, he could punch him in the face. We wish him well.

While we're at it, we also send our saddest condolences to the family of Michelle Mielecki, one of the founders of Grady's Ladies, the cute fan club for Indians centerfielder Grady Sizemore. She was, shockingly, murdered by her boyfriend Saturday, who then took his own life.


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(UPDATE: Gregg has passed. He was 55.)