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Honestly, we have nothing against Sports Illustrated superstar Rick Reilly. Sure, he mails it in seemingly twice a month, his sudden conversation to an anti-steroid advocate seems to only go for people not named Bill Romanowski and we have no idea what that "Riffs Of Reilly" thing is supposed to be about. But when Reilly is on his game, as rare as he is these days, he still can wipe the floor with most other columnists. We still read him every week, just in case he decided to turn it on. We're usually left wanting.

Anyway, apparently Reilly has made the next logical step in his career path: Stand up comedy. Via True Hoop, we discovered a review of Reilly's first standup performance at a club in Denver. Don't worry: He's not making it into a new career or anything. He just did it as practice for being the opening act for Sinbad. We're not kidding, by the way; Rick Reilly is working at a charity event as an opening act for Sinbad. And they said print was dead.


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