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If you've read Game Of Shadows, you know that BALCO founder Victor Conte is a bit of a self-promotional carnival barker tool. It's part of his charm, we suppose. But you also know that Conte was once a musician, and now that his prison time is served, he appears ready to rock again.

Bizarrely, Conte did a stint guest-blogging at the New York Daily News Web site, spreading the word about his new band and their new single, "Ape Walk." About the song, Conte actualloy writes:

We recorded more than ten tracks at the Music Annex studios in the Bay Area. "Ape Walk" is one of the unreleased tunes we recorded featuring Randy playing a guitar synthesizer programmed to sound like a tuba. When I listen to "Ape Walk" now, it reminds me of a muscle-bound athlete who is boldly walking throughout history and into the present.

We're not quite sure what that means, but it's pretty much official: Victor Conte is freaking insane.

Victor Conte And The Ape Walk [New York Daily News I-Blog]