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What is love, exactly? What is it that brings people together, two become one, living in the sacred state of holy matrimony? (Well, as long as it's not two dudes, anyway.)

The answer: Michael Irvin, apparently.

No, seriously. Irvin got his Emma on by setting up "Real Sports" producers Nick Dolin and Lisa Bennett — who were doing a piece on Irvin's religious conversion — with the old soul-to-soul trick.


Irvin embarassed them, during their meeting, by asking why they weren't a couple. "I had to say something," said Irvin. "In that other world, that spiritual world, that soul mate world, there was something going on soul to soul, not body to body."

And they were just married in New York City last month. And — no kidding here — Irvin sent a video message suggested the couple name their child after him. Oh, so that's what this was about.

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