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We have felt somewhat guilty around these parts for our almost total lack of Stanley Cup coverage. We have meant no offense; we just don't get a particularly strong "Holy crap, the Stanley Cup finals are starting tonight! Gooooo Hurricanes!" vibe. In fact, since the NHL playoffs started, we've received exactly one "where's your Stanley Cup coverage?" email, and that one might have been from Mike Myers.

Nevertheless, the finals do start tonight — it's Edmonton vs. Carolina, by the way — and we are a sports site, so here you go. Here's your Stanley Cup finals preview. Your definitive source on all things NHL is, as always, Off Wing Opinion, and he'll be all over this for the next week or so. As we said: It's Oil against Water. What a matchup!

If you're into such matters, you can make your predictions in the comments, we guess.

Stanley Cup Finals Preview, Game One [Off Wing Opinion]