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In response to our post on BALCO-ape man Victor Conte from yesterday, a reader (actually a caller) points out that not only is Conte a musician, but he was the bass player for Tower of Power for a time in the 1970s ... albeit for only a little more than a year. His brother, Bruce Conte, was the more accomplished musician, having been TOP's lead guitarist from 1973 through 1979 (it's Bruce Conte's guitar you hear on Don't Change Horses in the Middle of a Stream and Squib Cakes). The caller continues:

Bruce Conte is returning to Tower of Power after a twenty-something year's absence. Iit was his brother who got him fired in the first place. When he was in the band, Victor was always scheming, looking for angles and trying to run scams. Finally they got tired of his meddling and got rid of both Contes.

Actually, most of this is in Game of Shadows, the book that keeps on giving. And it's no stranger than the fact that Charles Manson wrote a song that was recorded by the Beach Boys. Not that we're comparing Victor Conte to Charles Manson. Conte is far worse.*

* = By "far worse" we mean "not even close to as bad."

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