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Benches Clear After Nationals' A.J. Cole Throws Behind Pirates' Jung Ho Kang

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The third inning of the Nationals-Pirates game featured—in order, each resulting from the one before—a fake tag, a Bryce Harper injury and a bench-clearing brawl.

The tension built in the top of the inning, when Pirates third baseman Jung Ho Kang faked a tag that forced Harper into an awkward slide. Harper was taken out of the game with a hand injury.

With Kang up to bat in the bottom of the inning, Nationals pitcher AJ Cole threw behind him and was promptly thrown out of the game. The Nats’ dugout did not take kindly to this ejection, and both teams flooded the field.


(If you’re on mobile, video is here.)

Sean Rodriguez was the only Pirates player ejected. His name might sound familiar, due to his previous fighting experience with a Gatorade cooler.

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