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Salty-Ass Cristiano Ronaldo Flips Out After Teammate Laughs At Him

Regular human beings Danilo and Marcelo shared a laugh during Real Madrid training yesterday after the former did that funny little thing that sometimes happens during piggy-in-the-middle games and passed the ball between Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs. The cyborg Ronaldo must not have had his emotional circuits hooked up to the right switches and responded to Marcelo’s yucking it up with a strange, though in a sense hilarious, amount of anger.


Look at him! He’s so mad! About literally nothing! Look at the reactions of his teammates, who at first pretend to ignore the spat, then attempt to defuse the situation by bailing out Ronaldo with their laughter when he weakly tries to sell his punting of the ball as some sort of joke! He’s like the big kid in middle school who couldn’t think of a good comeback to your gentle ribbing so he punches you really hard on the arm and acts like it’s funny! His teammates seem to be used to this kind of behavior! Someone send help!


h/t Dermot Corrigan

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