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(One of these guys was on human growth hormone ... can you guess which one?)

Yesterday, federal agents — presumably taking a break from "hey, we should probably teach somebody around here to speak Arabic, right?" training — raided the home of Diamondbacks pitcher Jason Grimsley to make a case against him for the distribution of human growth hormone (which, as we know, is not currently banned tested for by baseball, a tragedy, considering what it has done to Clay Aiken ... hey-yo!). It was the second visit by the feds to Grimsley's home; during the first, in April, they interrupted an HGH delivery. Grimsley supposedly named names of other HGH-enhanced players.


So, in other words, here we go again. As much amusement that we might derive out of Jason Freaking Grimsley being HGH's Patient Zero, we're not sure we're ready to go back through all the indictments and what-not again. Though we'll certainly try to do our civic duty, we guess, and boo Grimsley when he comes in to pitch ... though it's likely we won't even notice.

Feds Raid D-Back Hurler [New York Daily News]

(UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has the affidavit of the raid on their site. We're gonna read it and summarize it for you later today, but in case you can't wait that long.)