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So we've been thinking about the $500,000 bond required of the victimized Mike Cooper, and we did a little search through Google News for some comparisons.

$300,000. Bail amount for man charged with 250 rounds of ammunition to Guyana in a barrel.
$750,000. Bail amount for man who admitted stabbing and killing another man.
$50,000. Bail amount for woman accused of shooting her sister.
$150,000: Bail amount for man accused of entering a 66-year-old woman's house and brutally beating her.
$50,000: Bail amount for man charged with a hit-and-run incident that killed a man.
$400,000: Bail amount for Duke lacrosse rape suspects.
$500,000: Bail amount for Mike Cooper.

This isn't funny anymore; this is insane.

(OK, it's still kind of funny.)

Carl Monday Will Have You Locked In Jail With The Key Thrown Away [Deadspin]

(UPDATE: Here's the docket information for the case. And guess what? Today is Mike Cooper's 26th birthday.)


(SECOND UPDATE: In a moment of sanity, the bond was reduced to $500, and Cooper has been released. Welcome back, Coop!)